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Intuitive Designs of the 21st Century

The best designers creep inside the minds of users. Intuitive design incorporates best practice with progressive innovation. Understand how people think and react online.


Modern Coding Technologies

For amazing interactive effects and fast load times. Go where no man has gone before. HTML 5 is just the beginning.


Mobile World Here We Come

The world is going mobile and so is web design. A mobile friendly responsive page is a must.

Learn to Think Outside the Box


In today’s fast paced internet landscape we need fast paced progressive thinkers to take us to the next level of amazing online experiences.

We built this site not only to show case some of the most modern web design concepts but to make a place where people can come to learn to think outside the box.

As soon as you land on the home page you get to see HTML 5 and CSS3 animation taking place. The background image is blended perfectly with the headline and logo above the fold. We incorporated a graphical design with soothing colors that are easy on the eyes and don’t take away from interaction with the content.

Progressive web design is about a lot more than just pretty graphics though. The user experience is where we like to try and think ahead in anticipating where trends are moving and what people expect when they land on a website.

Incredible Stunning Imaginary Combined With Graphic Designs Are Paining The Web Page Like Never Before


Movie Time

Modern trends in graphic design are being fueled by more and more sophisticated software allowing 3D effects with the click of a few buttons. Blending 3D images with CSS3 animations, and other background image effects produces an almost  movie like live environment for the entertainment of visitors. 3D properties in websites will continue to get easier and easier to implement.



Future of Web Design


Welcome to Abstract Boyz Concepts website!

Scrolling down this page you have seen for yourself some of the hottest state of the art web design and development trends showcased. This is a place to learn and be inspired on what is possible with modern web design and graphics. It is about blending creative art with functionality and practicality. The perfect balance is achieved when graphics on a page have function and purpose which is designed to immerse users in the experience.  We will be talking a lot about how to achieve balance on a site. In line with that we encourage you to visit our blog where we will be posting some great tips and tricks on how you can make your designs come to life.

Since we started this journey in 2008 a lot of amazing strides have been made in coding technologies and graphic design software.

From the simple beginnings of a page with words on it websites have evolved into an interactive multimedia super highway of information, entertainment, and commerce. From video sharing to social media it seems no rock has been left upturned in the forest of possibility. But we believe the surface of what is possible has not even been scratched yet.

Many of us internet veterans can remember watching movies like “Back to the Future” where the internet was being used much in the same way it is today. Only then it seemed like science fiction and was science fiction. In the next 15 years we will see a rapid progression of technologies that are just getting started today.

In our vision of the not too distant future we see the world moving from a 2D flat page to the 3 dimensional internet. Not only will elements on a page JUMP out at you but those actions will have purpose and function designed to react to what a user is doing. In fact the technology for an interactive fully 3D virtual reality internet is already upon us.

With the release of Windows 10 – apps, websites, and the internet are now joining the revolution of virtual reality. These are truly exciting times we are living in now!

Innovation is meeting us with open arms. We only need to embrace it as we step into the future. Abstract Boyz Concepts is about concepts of the future that will become our reality. Come join us on the journey!



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